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4 March 2015

Ramen Nagi for my birthday

I know it's been __ months overdue, but I still wanna post this for good times' sake. <3

yay flowers! <3

It was my birthday when we tried Ramen Nagi in Greenbelt. I've been looking forward to check them out weeks before their opening, and indeed it was a great experience. J asked me where I want to dine in, and just went there after I learned that they were already open.

Ramen Nagi has this setup: wooden chairs and tables are meant for sharing, and we wouldn't mind sharing our seats with the people who also dined in. Japanese posters accentuates the wooden walls, with fluorescent lights in every table. Place is a bit loud but tolerable, but I think it depends on the number of customers dining in.
The menu and our choices

problemado ka boy? :P

Menu is composed of five ramen choices: Butao King, Black King, Red King, Green King and the Limited King – Ramen that is only available for a limited time (hence the name). Every Ramen being chosen can be customized according to preference, and here's what we ordered.

apologies for the inverted photo T_T

Ramen Nagi also offers side dishes and curry rice on their menu, so yay for rice!

Condiments are also being offered on each table: pepper, crushed sesame, himalayan salt, garlic and many more.

We ordered Chicken Karaage (for sharing), Butao King (for me) and Black King (for him. Servings are indeed huge for us, and the karaage can be shared for three.

The Butao King that I has this very rich broth in which I really love. I like the fact that's garlicky (if there's such term) that adds spice in it, added to that is that delicious chunks of pork added to my ramen. Another thing I like is the firmness of the noodles that's really right to my taste. the shoulder part of the pork has more fat in it, but it’s chewy and I liked it.

The Black King that Jayvee ordered is also commendable, I will definitely order this if I'll be coming back. The soup base is more on the sweet side, I would’ve added an extra spice and garlic to enhance to taste more (if it’s for me). The belly pork is more on the leaner side, cut into strips for chewing pleasure.

Their Chicken Karaage is done just right, it was light, crispy and delectable, perfect with or without the sauce.

Our experience with Ramen Nagi is different from our usual foodtrips: we were given a chance to customize our ramen, and now that we tried it we wanna come back to have our ramen, OUR way.

Well of course we also wanna come back to try their other Ramen specialties! :)

Ramen Nagi
Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City


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