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About us

Food Trip for two is Jayvee and Cristal's food blog of our gastronomic discoveries and crazy encounters in the kitchen. We love food, and we love to share our recent food trips here and there, as well as our own recipes as we share our own delightful dishes.

About Her

Cristal is a blogger under SailorStarCatcher. She is also an internet marketer in a group buying site, social media consultant, writer, chorister, runner, otaku and a lover of life. 

Currently, she aims to try all the hole-in-the wall restaurants all over the country, and she admits that she's a novice when it comes to cooking, she wants to tell her crazy stories in cooking and more. 

About Him

Jayvee is Cristal's partner in crime (hopefully for life!). He's currently doing web/graphics design, programming and all sorts of geeky stuff known to man in a European company based in Makati. 

Right now, he's the official cook on his household. As Cristal does her share in cooking, he also shares his recipes and more on this little domain. And yeah, he's also on the lookout for places where good food meets good prices, thus sharing his foodie goal with her. 

About Us

Our crazy love affair with food, geekery and nonesensical stuff began since high school, and thankful that we had our own jobs related to this one until today. :> We're Both Espians batch 2011, and sweethearts since 2014 (and counting.)

Let the love affair (with food) begin! <3 


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