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11 April 2015

PRO EARTH RUN 2015: Run the Race for Mother Earth

Seeing that we are all part of Mother Earth, we must thankfully recognize that she have continuously provided us shelter and nourishment. We should also be aware that through human modernization and capitalism that have affected, exploited, abused and contaminated nature. These have caused great damage, ruin, and disruption of our Mother Earth, hitting us back hard through what we have come to know as the climate change.

It is our duty to create consciousness, to take a decisive action, and to change our system and structures that causes climate change and other dangers to Mother Earth.

In light to these we must acknowledge that every individual or institution has a responsibility to promote awareness through teaching, respect, and oversee the care for nature. This is why the Earth Day Network Philippines is hosting the Pro Earth Run 2015.

Earth Day Network Philippines

Earth Day Network Philippines standing as the voice of Mother Earth has actively engaged the participation of people from various sector: government, corporate, religious and academic institutions to gather together with a common aim of environmental protection, preservation, and promotion. For its second year Earth Day Network Philippines is going to host PRO Earth Run 2015 to inspire people to actively contribute in Protecting, Respecting, Overseeing Earth care by running for a cause, running for Mother Earth.

About PRO Earth Run 

PRO Earth Run 2015 is an advocacy to encourage people to Protect, Respect and Oversee the sensible and sustainable care for Mother Earth. Proceeds from this event will go to the continuing environmental projects. It also promotes healthy living through running so they are hitting two birds with one stone with this event.

Past and Present Program

Below are the following environmental programs that network have created for the care of Mother Earth:

Project/Program Description
Zero Basura Olympics (ZBO) A friendly competition among local government units, companies, and communities to recognize the best practices in implementing RA 9003 on proper solid waste disposal.
Trees4life: Tubong Pinoy Movement A reforestation project with a twist as it goes for the promotion of native and indigenous species of trees.
Agos Ram Pump Philippines A program to install one hundred (100) ram pumps by 2013 that will provide upland communities with accessible and reliable community water system using hydraulic ram pumps.
Earth Day Village Program Started as a Tarp bag Project that eventually gained recognition and earned EDNPI its prestigious Body Shop UK grant. The program aims to turn tarpaulins into reusable products such as bags.
Mini-carbon Olympics (MCO) It aims to create awareness on climate change in identified academic institutions by recognizing outstanding performances in reducing greenhouse gas emission in their campuses.
Watershed Restoration and Forest Conservation A watershed and forest conservation project in Tagkawayan, Quezon.
Re-charge Tacloban A program that intends to bring to Typhoon Yolanda-hit tacloban a fleet of solar-powered electric jeepneys (eJeepneys).

Event Details
DATE 25 April 2015
TIME 4:30 AM
VENUE Mall of Asia Grounds
CATEGORY 3K | 5K | 10K
Registration Details
If you avail of the race kit delivery option, Race Kit delivery will start on April 1 until April 15. If you opt to pick-up your race kit, Race Kit redemption will be on April 17-19, 2015 at designated partner sports stores, to be announced soon.

Partners & Sponsors

Event Updates

For updates visit their website or their fan page


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